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Boat Model The Jolle
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The Jolle combines all the qualities of its little brother, the Dinghy, with more speed, spaciousness and seaworthiness. A beautiful daysailer with which you can definitely go on tour. Just like its little brother, it is quite slim, so it is still easy to row and is stable in the water with its stainless steel centerboard guided in the closed centerboard box. The centerline has a height below which you can lie comfortably stretched out. The rig is easy to handle and quick to set up with a steep gaff and jib.

It only takes 15 minutes from trailer to sailing. Simply functional at the highest level of perfection. Like the old workboats, the dinghy is robust, yet light-footed and easy to handle. Less fiddling, but more and faster sailing! Thanks to the use of modern, high-quality materials, the boat is always watertight and easy to keep in top condition with minimal maintenance.

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  • Width:


  • Length:


  • Depth:

    TDraft 0.25m + 0.65m with lowered centerboard

  • Weight:

    Weight approx. 250 kg

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