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We build the pointed gate Kutter either as a pure tucker boat or in combination as a sailing version. The chugger cutter is equipped with either a single-cylinder diesel engine or an electric motor including batteries and charging technology. The sail version has an easy-to-adjust rig with jib and spritsail plus a topsail and jib on two extra poles.

With its stainless steel centerboard guided in the closed centerboard box, the cutter can go much higher upwind than its traditional counterparts. Thanks to its shape and size, it has a relatively high payload, making trips with up to 12 people possible. Ideal for exploring the waterside of cities and rural areas as far as the river, sea, canal and coastal situation allows.

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  • Width:


  • Length:


  • Depth:

    Draft 0.5m + 0.7m for the sailing version

  • Weight:

    Weight approx. 700kg and 900kg motorized

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